A brief review of society and its discontents

- Not all wish for justice.
- Not all wish for peace.
- Not all want you as their friend.
- Not all see more than meat in others.
- Not all abusers have had the privilege of other education.
- Not all citizens respect speech.
- Not all wars can be won with words, or votes, or pacifism.
- Not one of the living will see an end to war.


Analysing operations for leaks

- Expectation of warmth from bath water: deleted; seconds gained, per use.

- Dull aches of similar amplitude with pleasure, in various muscles, neither sharp pains nor clear kinesthetic feedback received upon antagonism: weak feedback indicative of understimulation, possibly undernutrition; tagged for further development of those inputs.

- This year's retraining of discernment in the aural modality has proceeded nicely, and sensitivity to higher frequencies is a welcome improvement. Right ear canal however, appears to be permanently enlarged in relation to the left.

- Carbohydrate loading after a few weeks of limiting, seems to be aiding general alertness and rate of recovery of minute to hour cognitive faculties. To be observed.

- Hypothesis: destablising nutritional cadences will stimulate stronger signalling of hunger, and following that greater quantities of feeding will result in a stronger amplitude throughout this feedback loop. This will emphasise feeding as a basal rhythm for the day (currently I have trained myself to do the exact opposite).


Philosophising Jealousy

Discuss: Jealousy, philosophy of: analysing its structure and life-cycle. I was discussing this with a partner.
Common components:
[(3. Fear of) misinformation] - epistemological doubt, either due to information hiding, or deliberate deception, i.e. risk management... (to protect against:
[2. Fear of) uncompetitiveness] - loss of power, loss of control, inability to retain objects of desire... (ultimately to avoid:
[1. Fear of) separation] - anxiety, physiological, typically.
Don't expect the syntax above to be analytical. Lol.