A month in paradise

Those of you who prefer to get high off chemicals, fast cars, kinky islands, or strange cultures, just wouldn't get this, eh? Today's the 25th, so I've been living properly in Bandar Sungai Long for a month now. It is a great place for studies - yadda, yadda, this is covered in recent posts. Quick recap: countryside, no noisy mothers, no dirty housemates. Moving on then.

I just took a trip down to the Kajang city hall to help my flat vendor / landlady with some errands. I picked up the checklist also, for registering a coffee shop. Just in case I might want to do one. Operationally, I'm sandbagging, of course. I've got enough cash and credit, barring emergencies, to cruise for 3-6 months. Yesterday, I started pinging friends and acquaintances about potential long-term gigs. If nothing comes back, after this round of research, I'll be looking for a non-desk job near my new home. Maybe waitering. Maybe logistics at a hypermarket.

This is not the time to be rushing. I'm defrosting some meat by the sink. Coffee is steeping. I hope to get some reading done, today.

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