A time of fallow

I have been solitary-oriented for the better part of the last 14 years. Since 2007, I have been trying to make time for myself to study computer programming, mathematics, and statistics. The former has been achieved in the past year, and in the two to three years before that while on freelance jobs.

18 months ago, I had already signed the booking fee for a flat in a cheap location, where I would try to drag out the utility of my savings, while studying. The sale and purchase of the flat has been plagued by the ignorance and complacency of various parties, and is likely to be incomplete for yet another year. However, last month, I had had enough with waiting, and decided to rent the flat in the interim. Getting to fix and clean it up has been a fulfillment of the main reason for obtaining it: I wanted to study the refurbishment of this flat, in which I would then pursue other studies.

It is now a quiet, clean, and beautiful space, among neighbours of many nations, mostly of the poorer variety - this being in one of two ghetto rows in Bandar Sungai Long. I am currently, besides studying and keeping house, assisting a friend with a blogging project, but that is proving to be a slightly volatile job, and I will soon be giving it up. Just today I got back to trying my hand at the violin. We shall see, just how long this idyllicity can last.

After putting time and money towards the comfort of friends and family for two years, it is good to finally have my own home. Huge relief.

I write this at a Chinese dessert cafe, where I am leeching articles from Wikipedia to Pocket.

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