Bandwith optimisations

I'm targeting 80MB daily - right now still regularly using 200-400MB daily.
  • Opera Mini has too many network failures - it's been deleted

  • Twitter on iPad native app, and web app, both run with images on-only - they're being avoided

  • Instagram is a low-priority distraction, it's being avoided

  • I'm still using Feedly for RSS, images can't be turned off, let's see how this goes
2340 hours. I've been testing this and that, with data monitors on my iOS devices. I think I'm turning off Wi-Fi, and putting it in storage for emergencies only. Work will resume without.
  • Blogger access seems best via API.

  • Mercury is, so far, the best browser for iPad: custom user-agent (turns off high-bandwith iPad web UIs), images off. Additionally, integrated reader, higher security options, and fullscreen mode.

  • Google Reader web, "/m" seems to be the lowest-bandwidth option, for reading RSS feeds.

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