Coffee noobing

So far I've been making coffee from grounds, at home. I pour the grounds into a cup with hot water, letting them steep, then draining out the grounds with a cloth sieve.

The common way to roast beans in Malaysian and Indonesia appears to have 50%-90% beans, and the rest margarine and sugar. There's a varied mix of Arabica and Robusta beans in there.

I've realised that pure Arabica blends are often too fruity for me - if the roast is too light, a longer steep makes bitterer coffee, at the expense of unacceptably high acidity. I need to test more roasts. I seem to prefer blends with more Robusta. I guess I prefer a little less delicacy, in women, and in coffee.

Here's a little article on acidity in coffee.

The 100% Arabica margarine roast is much more mellow with a long steep. Yay. Much more mellow, after a few hours.

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