Dissonance in reading form

Spending much time in superficial reading, parsing morphemes and syntax without semantic referents, I learn something about how I read. Any effort to shut out data streams has a dissonant effect on my cognition. This seems to explain why reading around a noisy mother, in a state of haptic discomfort, is unproductive.

The stream of consciousness must focus, while reading, on catching every slightest image in any sense modality, that the imagination conjures up by association with what is being read. Since the field of internally generated imaginations, and the field of images recognised from the sensory nervous system are superimposed, any attempt to block out imagery from either causes dissonance in how one is processing one's overall stream of consciousness.

This is very insightful. I am then led to think about my kinesthesia, constantly, as I read. The haptic imagery and response-time against intention makes evident when I have sat for too long. I hope that this unifies my study of kinesthesia, with my study of how to read efficiently. More observation, and reaction, followed by analysis, are required. More general practice within and about this hypothesised system.

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