Fate and individuality

No one deserves their life; we merely execute upon what we are given; the rest are platitudes. And society, is very good at coming up with platitudes. Platitudes are a systematic cybernetic for social order. Believe in yourself. Believe in something metaphysical. Believe in your friends, and family, and countrymen, and colleagues.

Life is not fair. God is not fair. Life is a word. God is a word. Fairness is your feeling, about what those words should mean.


(Gotta make the best of it :) I memang lansi all these people who talk about butterflies and dignity :p; Scary. But such is a life of relative solitude. At least potential loses are clearly your own. Less fudging around other people's problems for now.)

Chicken shit bench pressing. Second set of twenty reps, I'm bouncing at the bottom. Thunder and lightning and grey. Moody day. Moody weather. Revising the complexities of yesteryear. Can't wait for the US market to open. :)

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