From scratch with the violin

This afternoon, I opened up the violin that mother left me, for the second time since it passed to me. She said, she was growing to weak to play it, so I should take it. I did.

Given that sound travels very well within the block of flats that I live in, I close my front door. For future practice, I might close the balcony door at the other end of the flat, and enclose myself in the bedroom for further insulation. The violin will probably be audible to all adjacent units, but at least I can try to keep it down. The application of a folded business card to the strings, between the bridge and the fine-tuners, does not seem to have much of a muting effect, though I suppose I will become more sensitive to the difference eventually.

What I find strange is the requirement to use the fourth finger to play both the fourth and fifth note in each position. I am also unclear on differences in how the bow should be oriented against the violin, when the bow is touching the violin strings near the bow's frog (base), and when it touches the violin strings near the bow's tip.

I need more practice at doing all this. I have non-trivial practice with a guitar, but not a strong classical background in any instrument. I will need to study more tutorials on form, and watch professionals manage their posture. Youtube should suffice for that.

These seem to be the basics.

This focuses on bow-to-arm orientation.

This is a detailed look at left-hand position. (Can't be embedded.)

This is a detailed look at holding the bow.

My right pinky has a limited range of movement since it is shorter and has a fused joint (it is reattached) and so, figuring out how to work around that will be interesting.

Meanwhile, just doing basic percussive rhythms, fifths, chromatics, and little undulations, is fun... essentially playing stupid drama / rock music before I get fuller control over the instrument.

And already, it is time for dinner.

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