Hanging with the father

So my dad decided to add an air-conditioner to his house, and since I was selling one that I wasn't going to use (it came in a package with a load of other stuff), I sold mine to him. He dropped by my place, and we took a walk up a mountain down the street, which I had been meaning to show him. Then we got dinner, and while he was making himself a cup of coffee at my place, I moved the machines into his car.

He's a Methodist pastor/theologian, on his final year of furlow, before retirement. He will then put more time into writing papers on theology and political participation. I am a career student, in my first year in a new, hopefully permanent, base of studies. I argue that the bits inherited through both of us from his father, are a sense of Confucian myopia, "keep house in order, everything else is side-effect." He hopes that I will inherit a bit more than that from him.

I like this subset of my family.

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