Just past midnight

It is again, that time of day. Much writing has occurred on this blog. That's probably what happens when you take a 150-tweet-per-day account offline.

Dinner was a congee made from rice thrown into herbal chicken soup - only fenugreek and fennel were used. I should have added some garlic and more vegetables, and perhaps I will, when I heat up the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. I have a large pot which is never filled. I should cook in larger portions for efficiencies.

Over the weekend (I do not remember the day exactly, probably yesterday) I began focusing on the subject of the binomial theorem, and binomial coefficients. I have my usual four or five points of reference, and I will soon return to that study. But first, I must take out the trash.

Later on, after the next post had been written, I sat in the dark and thought that it had been a good day for thought consolidation, uninterrupted by requests for outside work of any kind. Let us see how long this lasts.

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