Some girl's got me thinking about kungfu fighting. As far as named styles go, the last one to catch my attention was Keysi Fighting Method. I watched a few silly videos on YouTube to learn more about it - I got that the pensador position is important, but there did not seem to be much information on how one protects the core and groin.

The answer was more obvious as soon as I rewatched the clips from which I originally learnt of the existence of KFM some time ago - from a documentary on Nolan's Batman.

The clips apparently show the inventors of KFM assuming the pensador position *
* one palm on head, other palm on back of first hand, both elbows thrust forward to form a protective structure
and bending over to bring the pensador between one's core and the adversary. You block with your head. This is cute. (It's also a pseudo-cute martial arts idea for a pseudo-intellectual, because the pensador stance means "thinker stance.") Aside, they also do the obvious, and pivot the groin away from the adversary in a straight fight, unlike in the silly MMA videos where they appear to be often in a missionary position while fighting. (Yeah, grappling, whatever... I'm sure it has its virtues.)

KFM style assumes a lot of power, or rather, it provides many options for the free use of powerful moves. In order to ever do anything like that, I would need to bench / crunch a lot more weight, :P, or do the equivalent bodyweight conditioning. The latter is probably preferable.

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