Someone with unlimited interests, has to impose some sort of prioritisation, or go nowheresoever. I'm reading about the construction of muon-proton atoms, and schoolboy fights between financiers on live TV ($HLF, nuf said), and pondering briefly in the cool night air... the paths I have foregone. Priorities make us who we are.

That's what I thought would make a great seed for a matchmaking algorithm, once upon a time.

Aside, for the umpteenth time in years, thinking of buying a >40" TV monitor but noooo I have too much hardware already. Old stuff. Wear it out.

I miss trying to be a lover. I miss trying to be a trader. I miss tying to be a normal employee. But for the time being, at least I don't have to miss being an uninterrupted student of quantitative studies, and the language about it.

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