Light rain on a Friday night. I hear an unusual dripping pattern, and suspect that the roof has sprung a new leak. I move aside the water barrels in the bathroom, and set up the ladder, hook on my flashlight, and ascend into the darkness above.

No new leaks reach the ceiling, but a bit of insight into which tiles are leaky has been obtained.

I am still pondering the value of forking over a wad of cash to remove the tiled roof, and to replace it with something else entirely. There are many potential benefits, including an increase in security. This flat has none. (Yup, it's on my blog now.) First I would need to obtain such cash. Hah. Also, I would also need to ascertain the degree of permission available to me, for civil engineering modifications.

Meanwhile, in the movement to set up the ladder, the showerhead holder falls off the wall. Shoddy wallplugs. I will have to fix it later. I really did overpay that contractor. He also did the roof, and succeeded partially, though ultimately I had to locate and plug a final massive leak by myself.

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