The 24-hour mamak restaurant downstairs is under renovation. At 0149 hours. You can hear an impact drill going off. Someone's already out there yelling them down.

This is no where near my recent bedtime. I just find it funny. Following a day spent on cardiovascular exercise, and attempting to consume and socialise normally right before $AAPL earnings armageddon, I find myself opening the doors and windows, turning up the ceiling fan, and cooling my flat down. The lights go off. I have fed myself with fruit and other things. Perhaps I have had too many coffees today.

In the dim light flowing in from the public stairwell, I prepare my mind for quantitative studies. They've started with the angle grinders. Soon, while I'm reading one of the more holistic pieces on Swartz, there is silence. But they may still be welding. I lower the contrast of lighting in the flat. It has a calming effect on my mind. Less computation required, perhaps?

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