Sketchy kids

0130 hours. A white Myvi drives by my quiet street. It parks on the corner, turns its lights off. Three Chinese male youth in a variety of casual / hip clothing disembark. The driver does not. They are relaxed, walking towards the row of shops. One, in a white t-shirt removes something he has been holding underneath it. A longish object, which from up here looks like it could be a bottle in a bag, or a machete in a bag, or just a long straight bag. He leaves it under an old grey / green Kancil parked facing the street, back to the shops. The youth walk into the five-foot way. A few seconds later, they go back the way they came, and Mr. White T-shirt retrieves a similar looking object from under the Kancil. It could have been the same object. They get in the Myvi, and the Myvi leaves.

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