The next decade (finally)

I have been waiting for this for a long time. Am I the only fucker around here who plans his life around earnings announcements? Anyway, the next decade is going to be focused on the acquisition of material wealth. It is not that I need the money, really, but more a project to find out how much I can make - one should try to find out at least once in a lifetime. (After that, if successful, I can probably retire to do research for good. If not, I will return to my basal model of earning on a hand-to-mouth basis.)

So, with long-term housing infrastructure firming up, I am seriously considering a long-term day job for the cash component of a sex-and-cash model. Feelers are going out to various parties, and I am rustling up old leads for potential business partners. Rock'n'roll. Wondering if it is my fate to never have financial capital, and free time, at the same time.

Aside, the day begins with a trip to my flat's vendor, to try and speed up our transaction, by helping the lady to do some paper work. I really am too nice to my counterparties. That probably explains why I tend to get screwed often. Just asked for 39% of my previous asking price for a salary. I figure, I'll make it back anyway. It's this kind of optimism that gets me fucked over, sometimes. Maybe too often. On the other hand, I probably just like fixing problems more than I like knowing that I will / have spare money.

Thinking about my most recent asking salary, I recognise that I only asked an abnormally high price for Malaysia in order to protect my studies. Now with the flat having been secured, I have one more barrier of protection for my research, and I can comfortably bring down my salary demands. Ultimately of course, a day job is a second barrier of security.

Telling all potential employers: I can do one thing for ten years, if you have a plan. Not the most impressive pitch, I'd say.

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