As I grow older, I find that in order to achieve economic balance, I prefer working in the arts, and going home to science. (Perhaps it goes to show what I am willing be sociable about. Perhaps it goes to show what I am willing to be commerciable, about.)

Don't be that fucker who writes, then attributes to "unknown," because she's too shy to own it.

Trying to wrestle down the monster of brand identity. Off to KL for meetings.

Kandar brunch. Weak coffee. Slides. Then either coding, or gaming with the cool kids.

If managing by the numbers isn't working out for you... you've got the wrong numbers, motherfucker...

Looking for pretty pictures has got to be the most boring job in the world.

There are two jerngs. Jerng himself can live on minimum wage. Jerng at work always wants to know, why the numbers aren't larger.

Esoteric philosopher and student of cognitive science, or shallow corporate raider. Such a tough portfolio.

Sometimes one's role in a team is most surprising, and unintended.

It will all make a good story some day.

Bench presses. Breathing exercises on the pull-up bar. Slowly getting back into shape... upper body definitely needs more coordination.

Great. Washed up. Ready for the game. Need to grab dinner and sample McCafe before that. In a meditative mood. Won't carry a book out today.

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