Business abstractions

A blight to the pursuit of the most abstract learnings: employers with short-term business objectives, who claim to offer opportunities in this or that abstract field.

I would not intentionally work with Internet marketers, only to study the axioms of consciousness. Nor would I work with business intelligence professionals, only to question the notation of statistics. What are the chances that any of these parties is interested in more knowledge than can be quickly translated to the top- or bottom-lines?

To call some of these claim pretentious would be incorrect: "we have PhDs who can help you to learn what you are interested in learning," "we have a job that combines linguistics and math within the domain of your interests."

These claims are simply obtuse.

Let marketers focus on marketing insights, and let business intelligence focus on business results. As far as it pays, I will work. As far as I seek to understand fields outside of a company's core competency, I would rather not pretend to be satisfied by the frivolity of functional servitude.


All that being said, I may simply be a pathological idiophobe.

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