The curation of communities, is the next big thing

Community building is a huge, untapped market.

All the social media technology in the world won't make people more social, if they don't want to see each other in the first place. Whereas, content, as an industry, is static - once generated, content is archivable, copyable, searchable and commodified. Until machine intelligences can provide interactive, conversational assistance, to humans, only other humans can do this.

I'm not talking about the event management industry - events are typically regarded as one-off items. Communities that are inadequately managed turn into conference series, over months and years. You have to be thinking in much longer terms than that, and about the components of human relationships with higher granularity, in order see the monetisable value of curating niche communities, around geographies, around hobbies, around professional specialisations, etc. You have to think in terms of decades-long commitments to small groups of people, and about the commercial value of services that can enrich their lives over such durations.

My folks were pastors, so I tend to see it that way. Who knows, I might even be right.

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