Demystifying structures

Food, music, art, literature, relationships, companies, products... all fascinating until I figure out how to build them. Then blah.


Only minds remain. And maybe the interfaces between minds and languages.

Evening social aborted. That means more time at home for work readings and personal programming, I guess.

Tea time, bitches. Xoxo #slowDay

Science is not normative. Engineering is what takes science, beyond mere description of past facts.

Surrounded by depressing stupidity. Not that I blame anyone for it. Just a #slowDay.

Need to comfort myself - will attempt to focus on building future minds. Distracting myself with CSS3 as graphical medium. Web development always makes me feel more like a Zen gardener, than a theoretical physicist...

In iOS Safari, to get :hover {CSS} to work when the user touches an element, wrapping that DOM element in a <a href="#ignore" />, makes that element "touchable" #dirtyHack - anyone got a better / simpler way to make this work?

(The solution turned out to be: simply to add an attribute to trigger certain events to the element.)

I'm not sure I understand how the ontouchstart attribute changes things, but I guess it works!)

Trying to figure out how to make LaTeX-Hamlet code look prettier. Hmm. I get the basics of WAI and Hamlet, but to avoid the risk of reinventing the wheel, I'd better dig into Yesod tomorrow. G'night work.

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