Dumping Hamlet

Righto. This library and its dependence on Template Haskell are getting a bit too complicated for a noob/minimalist like me to tolerate. I must be quite the idiot, but I can't even figure out where in the source code the [(Text,Text)] parameter of Render a is defined. If I want to use the minimum subset of Haskellian dialects to get this simple web framework done, I should attempt at this point to do it without Hamlet. Let's see how far I can go. (Moreover, if I want to do compile-time trickery, I'm going to try and get it done via a build-system that spits out fairly transparent, noob-readable, Haskell scripts.)

Lunch time.

4am bike ride. A little cardio. And I found a third 24-hour mamak in this township.

The clean start to this project is going well, so far. Bed time.

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