Expensive women

Settling myself into the hospitality industry, meaning potentially no serious money for the next decade. I do think that this means I'm going to have to swear off dating women with expensive tastes. Tsk tsk. Trade offs. Or unlikely scenarios in which I might run into dateable women with expensive tastes, who would date me despite my preference for inexpensive choices. Haha. I'm certainly not going into debt to entertain anyone.

Around the house, I'm moving into a routine to take more cold showers, and to cook with gas instead of electricity whenever it is convenient to do so. This means getting a kettle which whistles when it's hot. It's not that these measures save much money, but they are a good way to keep frugality at the forefront on my mind.

That doesn't mean that I'm dropping my freelance rate however. It's still going to be pretty high (by the Malaysian market) to minimise distractions. $115 for the rest of 2013.

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