Oh. Shit. I'm using raw Hamlet, not Yesod. Should have upgraded the Hamlet module instead.

S-expressions aren't what they sound like. #fuckMachina

Something just doesn't seem clean... about the way Yesod.Hamlet and Text.Hamlet have different APIs. :(

Ok - so Yesod.Hamlet just wraps Text.Hamlet...

Cleaning up dependencies.

Where did the term "Oxford brackets," come from?

Cleaning up "import," statements.

Revisiting Haskellian control structures.

Being reminded to prefer eta-reduction over eta-expansion.

I seem to have forgotten what little I knew about how monadic lifting works. Fucking noisy chinks and their fireworks... guy can't get some peace and quiet for work around here... :P RAGE AGAINST THE FIREWORKS :( not easy trying to study strange languages WHEN THE BOMBS ARE GOING OFF... in the background....

Code runs, but can't get debug out of the realm of monadic expressions. Sigh. A worthy challenge. Hope I figure it out by this year.

Ok. Made a little progress. WAI-only code is about as clean as I care for it to be. Now to dive into Yesod, I guess. Feeling old and stupid, and... leaning into the end of a wasted life.

Moving coding exercises out of short-term memory, into longer-term spaces. Clearing space for other work. Reading? Not feeling gutsy enough to attempt poached eggs, but I will soon. Gonna act like the dumbfuck salaryman that I am, and eat out because I'm lazy. Mari mamak...

hokkien, hakka, fakka, I don't care what you are... go to sleep already!

I am the listless and the bored. Likely looking at months before there'll be any manual work to do. Must keep mind active via hobbies. After a meal, I resume reading for work.

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