Is it just me, or is the Happstack documentation a hellavulot more transparent than the Yesod documentation?

Ok - given that I don't really need a production-quality web application, I guess I should just vacate my head of all these advanced engineering frameworks, and just focus on minimal work in WAI. :( I've spent too much of my life in web development already. Maybe.

This probably means that I'm going to end up with a minimal crappy web framework of my own. :( :(

Meanwhile - trying to figure out how to prettify the use of pattern guard syntax.

Shiat... it works. Figured out Hamlet in external files via Template Haskell wtf ; just realised that quasi-quotation and Template Haskell are two different features #godamisuckathis

Right. So, I should be able to write a TH macro to suck in all the .hamlet files in a directory. Let's try that first. (Ending up figuring out variable interpolation first.) (And, widget interpolation.) (Gradually figuring out how many extraneous entities there are to getting things done. Might want to write a wrapper for them, but that would make things slower, just a bit, wouldn't it?) (Figured out how to get dynamic URLs.) (Still haven't done the original task of a directory crawl, but I have more information about what to do once I get to the directory crawl.) Ok - I know how to do a bunch of stuff with Haskell's Hamlet now. Ho hum. If I was freer with my time, I'd do a Harlem Shake with fifteen copies of myself... :P

Post lunch. Next: to figure out how to use the new Conduits instead of the old Lazy ByteStrings.

Revising function composition.

Great. Successfully ditched Lazy ByteStrings in favour of Builders. PS. It's raining in Sungai Long.

Digging into Template Haskell.

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