Highly privileged

In a meditative mood, after a day of house work, computer programming, and reading about coffee for work. I ponder my recent trading venture, and the ability to have staked two years' wages in exchange for the minimum return of the experience of having lost two years wages in a commercial venture. A conscious decision, I have hoped that it will give me an accelerated sense of urgency, and increase my sensitivity to the value of cash. Now, I am only worried that even that which has been paid, will prove insufficient to give me an interest in commerce. I hope that my worries are for naught, and that my commercial appetite grows robustly. But really, life still bores me. Meanwhile, I try to make the most of it.

Read a third of a book on the history of coffee. Not the most polished prose, but certainly, *historyesque*. LOL. Almost 6am. Bedtime is soon. I have been drinking tea and reading for work, while downloading legal Bach. The sky lightens up, as the mountains for miles around are dampened by a mist.

Some men just want to watch the world burn. And when they tire of watching it burn, they build it up, so that they can burn it again.

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