Iffy nonsense

More iffy nonsense removed from my calendar. Great.

It was a tripartite meeting with no set topic, outside of a vague possibility that I would be able to supply the human resource for a role in a startup company of unspecified business model, run by Internet marketers.

The organiser finally locked down a date for lunch, presumably to talk shop, after weeks of faffing about meeting up. Then the organiser cancelled after a vacation, upon hearing that I was already busy with other work.

Drat - I was hoping for at least an informative discussion. Now it just feels like I've played ping-pong with emails and shuffled up my calendar for no reward whatsoever. What a waste of time.

The organiser was confused, that I seemed to be interested in the industry, but that I was unwilling to take on any challenges. I said,
Jobs are just jobs to me. They pay the bills for my hobbies - language design and math. That being said, I usually become very good at any job that I take.

We simply have not been available at the right times for each other. I do not find it more complicated than that... I will cancel the lunch appointment in my calendar. Feel free to get in touch for chit-chat - but if you're not into that sort of thing, nevermind - I was under the impression that lunch with X was just chit-chat anyway, since no details of the topic had been divulged.
The organiser agreed that this might have been the point of confusion, and suggested that I find a venue to combine my employment and hobbies. I said,
I actually am finding that it is easier to go to work in the arts, and to go home to hobbies in science. Commercialisation of my interests typically means that I have to compromise breadth of study, for client/employer requirements which are usually more focused on a business objective - my own studies are not focused on short-term business objectives. Also, because my hobbies are rather desk-bound, I am finding it more attractive at this time to have a job that requires manual labour.

That being said, I have always been open to taking desk-bound, business roles, in the area of my hobbies... so long as the price is right. :)

Good luck finding people who are both available, and affordable for all your projects! I do think that timing is often a matter of luck.

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