Meta Haskell again

Just learnt about GHC as a library. Duh. Should have read more on this, earlier. So I guess I'm not far from having no excuse to pick up the GHC Core dialect. #ohgawd

On Freenode:

Hi! Has anyone used System.IO to run "runghc" and to get dynamic results at run time? Just curious. (I mean, you could have a .hs script that compiles another .hs script, saves the file, runs `runghc` on it, then take the printout from stdout back into the parent process.)

And I get this very helpful response:
[13:23] @google hint haskell
[13:23] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hint

and also a note about

ghc -e "haskell code"
Progress is good in the last few hours before I attempt to head back to an easy sleep.

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