1983-2000: do fairly predictable boring work (default)
2001-2004: do fairly exciting work out of the ordinary (aggro)
2005-2007: do fairly predictable boring work (moderation)
2008-2012: attempt multiple targets, for the sake of (complication)
2013-2022: do fairly predictable boring work (r&r)

Done. Found something to do until 2022, unless there's a fuckup along the way. Current job extended for a few more months. Possible project launch in a few months. I have begun liquidating my portfolio of warrants. I just turned my phone lines back on, so I have normal Internet access again, haha. Also as a complimentary measure, because my hobbies for this period are still going to be very geeky, I am dialing down my interest in jobs of a purely technical nature. I hope this is the start of a solid period of recuperation, and also study.

Got a solid four days of work till the next deadline. Hope I can find a nice chill space to do it in. Seven to ten months of subject matter expertise to catch up on. Reading like a mad mofo.

Sometimes, I get tired of looking for opportunities. What's given up then, is upside reward. Yawn. R&R.

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