I lost two years of wages in a business venture last year. Does it hurt? Not much. Nothing surprising - good, farmed, information about how smart I am, i.e. how much my psyche can handle. At least my cash management is awesome. Actually, the amount at stake was quite a small amount - it only seems like a lot because my average wage from working in small / startup operations has been rather low.

Generally, it's practice in risk-taking... I constantly remind myself to take higher risks. Perhaps something I took away from one of those blog posts by Altucher. One might however, argue that the sort of risk he blogs about, and the sort I took, are completely different classes, and are therefore unrelated. But broadly, I'd argue that risk is risk. It's all a matter of time.

I've always been very conscious of my lack of upbringing in commercial traditions, and so I dedicated this post-college period of my life to acquiring an appreciation for business. Whenever I felt that I wasn't learning enough, I sought to take more risk, to increase my rate of mistakes, solely for the purpose of intellectual profit.

Now I'm ready to lose more. Bring it. My appetite is up for a ten-year ante - I have whet an appetite for a decade of risk.

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