I have no idea what I'm futzing around with. Conduits. What am I doing here - I haven't even properly covered monads in general. Need to take a break to get some food from the shop downstairs before it closes though. 0204 hours.

Mamak ran out of veggies. Back home, eating my meat for the day.

Ok fine. Learning about monad transformers. A bit.

Ray of light. (lift) to get the IO Response into the ResourceT transformer? #gawd

Got it. Don't exactly know how it works, but know how to get it to work for now. Closer study, later. Clean up, first. #engineeringLife

0429 hours. Right. I should take a break from Doof development. Been at it for a few days straight now. Let's try to print out the docs for tomorrow's work meeting.

Done with meeting prep. Some fruit. A little wash up. Maybe, more coding.

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