Slow studies

Studying an unfamiliar, complicated, system... while standing by to take emergency calls for other work... essentially comes down to sitting at a desk all day, opening eyes to read briefly, then closing them when thoughts cease to follow. It's kinda like an extended nap. Risk-taking opportunities are curbed.


Feeling old and stupid. And bored. Very bored.

I'm missing something. I've been looking at the same code for a few days now. No clean abstractions.

On standby at work. Killing time with hobbies, and my head hurts. One of the rare times where I'm slow enough to miss the woman I love.

A little progress, post-reflection on how to navigate the Haskellian namespacing terrera.

Doing disgustingly hackery scaffolding.

Ah, I see now, it is static typing which I am tripping over.

Muscles tight from too much caffeine, and too little exercise. Wondering if I should give up on studying Haskell. Not improving quickly.

My coding instincts have gone to sleep, and my business instincts are waiting for a meeting. #HELP #SOUNPRODUCTIVE

Feeling so much the dumb asshat today. Even discovering a "dynamic" type in a statically typed language (Haskell) seems mindblowing.

Funny how I wouldn't bother with either computer programming, or commerce, if they didn't help me get more math done. Do they, really?

(After getting dynamic URL routing to work with Data.Dynamic.) Sweet. Now that I've figured out that programming problem, I'd even make time to fuck a girl. #priorities

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