Still on standby

Rise and shine, motherfuckers. One strives to be... productive. Must separate more design and implementation.

Two little apples to break the fast. Breast of chicken, defrosting in the sink. Ceylon tea. Not too dark.

Men, and their roving eyes. What about tastes?

Pitching our partnership to foodies. We need some on board, soon.

Let's read more coffee history.

Hacking Haskell.

Pondering scope.

Going to push the limits of dynamic Haskell to see how this goes... #whereDidIPutMyPoisonPill

Erlang vs. Haskell - one little thing I miss about Erlang: ATOMS.

GHC is doing weird things to my code. :(

Still can't make it through a blog post accounting the political dynamics of various large commercial deals. #malaysia #duh

Not sure if I feel dumber now because last year was full of dumbassery, or if last year was full of dumbassery because I was a dumbass.

When the compiler starts to insert entities into mystery lists... it's time to take a nap. Break time.

Bored and in pain from hobbies. Work is on standby, so not providing any distractions. Typical.

The only value I seem to appreciate from my parents, is iconoclasm.

Without a cohort of any meaningful sort, but still too close to the rabble. Need to distance myself from the rabble, cohort, or not.

The sound of machinery outside is really distracting. It makes me miss playing with heavy machinery.

Orgelbuchlein to calm the soul. This is like popping pills just to figure out which one will work. -_-

Momentarily disgusted by the mewling pedants. What can one do but leave them be to their... sentiments. We are all mewling pedants.

2011 and 2012 were really bad years for me. But I guess in a little while, I'll be able to be glad that I survived. lol

Am I trying too hard? I still think, I am not trying hard enough.

One thing's for sure, the strategic investment with lowest ROI, has been the dilution of my thoughts with intellectual peonary.

The absence of routine for two years probably killed my thought processes. My hobbies are traumatic; routine work helps to bring balance.

Thoughts on mechanical R&D are interrupted every 15 seconds by the delicious sound of the angle-grinder across the street. Giving up. (Turns out, it's the gas release value at the shit sink.)

So much for programming, this first half of the day. Retreating to the chore of that horribly non-linear history book on coffee.

Didn't get very far with reading. Maybe it's lunch, and the lack of caffeine. Bloody desk jobs.

Drugging up! #badCoffee

Vocal trance hits the spot.

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