Wrapped up a project. Snoozed. A few minutes of social affirmation. Time to get back to studies!

0130 hours: InHouse 24-7 bandar mahkota cheras. Kids everywhere.

One constantly seeks the longest possible line of sight. Peripheral vision easily catches what is nearer. #security

Tired. Lots to think about. Mind not emptying fast enough. Also reregistering car tomorrow. Taking a break from tinkering with the engines. Reading up on theory. Reading up on Existential Types in Haskell. So much language abuse.

One attempts to minimise the duration of exposure to a morphological representation of a complex idea, so that the brain may think more of the idea's semantics instead.

Minimising exposure to the morphological representation of a complex idea, instead, lets the brain dwell more of the idea's semantics.

Today's little epiphany: 'syntax,' is the physical limitation placed (conferred) upon 'morphemes,' by the 'semantics,' of a language. The reason we say this is the case: language initially results from a structure of thought, and not vice versa.

The next day:

Slow day at the insurers and JPJ. Done with automotive trivia. Back to studies. Observe when people express annoyance - it tells you when they are vulnerable. This is the study of human temperament.

Trying to have a balance of microscopic and macroscopic targets.

"I hope it's nice when she gets there."

Bold innovation, technical precision, and the love of a community. 3 ingredients for X success. Where X=ur, biz, etc. #readingsForWork Roughly corresponds to the top product, ops value, and CX marketing niches.

Beurre fondue trickery...

Off to Bangsar to write a play. Because the best place to write a play in two days is in Bangsar lah... jom!
First time I've bootstrapped a (STAGE) script in Excel...

Detour! Fuck, I hate getting lost in Cheras. With really slow GPS.

A stimulating supper chat! As much as I would like to stay up and write more code, I have a JV to discuss in the morning. Zzz...

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