FB-sized Moneh!

$560k!! It's a nice feeling, when people I've applauded in the past get quantified recognition from the market :)

3+ years from inception, I believe. This was a chap whom I brought to a former client as a developer. The client was always stubborn about maintaining a bloated feature-set (a similar, more focused firm, in the US started about the same time in 2008, and later grew and exited to MSFT for $1.2B). This developer pounced on the problem of bloat, and tried to convince my then-client to pare down the scope of his enterprise. No dice. They never worked together.

A year later, the developer showed me a prototype that he had been working on. It was good enough to trumpet. I don't think the one or two VCs I sent his way took him up, but the developer did get a significant bit of funding later that year. (Later I hear, one of the VCs made an offer, but was rejected - probably because that VC was already invested in the client above.)

Better not say too much, lest I appear to be glory hunting again. lol.

Nice one. On so many levels.

(I feel like old ben kenobi. For various reasons. Hah.)

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