A productive day. Somewhat.

Waiting out Friday traffic past 2300 hours. I'm making some sense of the polymorphic type hinting requirements in Text.Regex.Base.RegexLike now.

Time to get out of here. Kinda figured out Haskell's PCRE type siggies. I'll bet the highway's still jammed. #cheras #friday #midnight

Consulting: giving right answers is fast $. But larger sums are to be made in helping clients discover themselves (i.e. what they want).

Trying to figure out how (Array)s, in Haskell, work.

Learning about the (Enum) class. I need to revise tuples. I don't remember if I ever figured out why their implementation makes singletons and parentheses semantically identical (as well as obviously, morphologically identical). Now this seems relevant, and interesting. The unboxed-array naming-convention in Haskell seems convenient.

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