Happiness Is

I'm happy when clients are happy. Clients seem rather happy today. Not really my fault. Let's hope they're still happy on Monday.

(This month's mileage claim is ridiculous. Occasional road-rage from others remains annoying. Perhaps I am a horrible driver.)

Never thought I'd be hawking shares in a $ holdings company... but the opportunity came my way. So let's kick it as far as it goes. :P So an aunty asked me to manage RM1k for her. I ain't incorporating an investment holdings company, just for that! But if more people want in, sure!

"standing on the edge of the abyss chewing broken glass" - Elon Musk on entrepreneurship

And I've decided that I should include a picture in most of my posts, just to make this blog slightly more entertaining to casual surfers. Maybe.

Ok - enough corporate distractions for the day. Back to coding for wisdom.

I guess it's fair to say that I have inherited a fairly religious approach to life. My religion is technology. You buy and sell. I do.

Starting to put cookies into Hell.

Negative thinking: well, having achieved self satisfaction many years ago... negative thinking is the only thing that motivates me to get things done these days :P

Brinkmanship: this pretty much sums up my approach to life.

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