Haskell studies

(LHS => RHS) means LHS is the class context of an entity on the RHS (which may be another class). Must... remember... Superclasses. Check. Multiple class inheritance, ok.
(newtype) compiler implications, not so much. I need to read up and understand (newtype) declarations, better.
Languages that have both prefixes and suffixes, each adding semantic predication to root words are ANNOYING. #english #malay #etc I guess it gets worse with compound suffixes and prefixes. Darn.

At some point I'll get to Kinds. At least, I kinda get the note on kind-signatures of unboxed types (-#) suffix. I also don't quite understand type operators, yet.

Ok, I get functional dependencies. Ok. So subclasses are essentially parameterisations of superclasses. (Perhaps more...)

Taking a peek into (ForeignPtr) and (Ptr).

It's a good reminder that the only way to become fluent in a language is do a lot of I/O. Read, and write. Reading lots of code now.

Sunday. Revising class declarations.

Monday. (Text) for Unicode, (ByteString) for ASCII... or something like that, it says. I'm learning to never use (String) for text processing because the cost of refactoring code from (String) to one of the binary types is just immense. Crap - they haven't implemented -XOverloadedLists yet.

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