Today I referred to the fact that a girl has to get away from guys, to hang out with other girls, to talk about girl stuff, as the douche/bag paradox.

Jargon, while unnecessary for ops, is necessary for marketing a biz, to both consumers and investors. #sociolinguistics #marketing #api

Tired. These few years have been draggy. Betting on a stabler routine, soon. Dum dee dum. Groceries. Then code for the evening.

The next day: Bed time. So much left to do.

The day after: No meetings today. Yet. Back to the editor.

Language design can be such a chore.

What's there to cheapen? It's political discourse. (On asking politicians if they prefer top, or bottom.)

There are some who cannot escape their empathy, and some who can. I suppose.

For Earth Hour... I am thinking of getting in my car and driving to town.

Started using GitHub + Twitter. Feeling like a realllsssoocial coder now... -_-

Learning a huge new language when you're 29 kinda sucks ass. Nah, it sucked ass at 6 when I had to learn Chinese, too. And it sucked ass at 9 when I had to start properly learning Malay. What can I say... I guess I got used to being a language bitch. Of course I'm talking about Haskell ; not work, which has been selected to be relatively straightforward, for now.

The day after that: Working alone is the most difficult scenario for avoiding burn out :P

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