Mnemonic Training

Two representations of content in long-term memory, the familiar, and the understood? You should try this: avoid senses of familiarity, and switch tracks as soon as you get the sense that the "understanding" part has gotten well on the way to long-term memory. Awesomely efficient, but people start telling you that you're a bit of a robot.

Up. Still short on social stimulation. Part of my brain is dying. Where to work today? When I'm only working on private projects, like studies, I don't really need the social stimulation, as the target is concise, and fairly self-contained. When I have my time divided between private, and social projects, I feel the need to retain some sense of familiarity with local society, so that I retain an affinity for my social work.

Many folk stick with what they like. I tend to avoid habits. So choices are completely random... or progress through a broad schemata. There's various domains of course. For me, most commercial interaction, food, exercise, etc... are just infrastructural activities to maintain a certain level of mental performance. So I just try to optimise the hell out of it, because I don't want to be fussy about tastes there.

Also, I realise that most people don't choose their daily actions based on a 70-to-90-year timeline. As for myself, given that that's the probable duration of my project, I figured that the third and fourth decade might as well be for pursuing high-risk projects in order to research the market of global opportunity. Again, some people think of "global" as "international" - I tend to think of it as "humanly possible".

Indulge in irrationality? All science contains a significant degree of uncertainty. Why add some more? Uncertainty is the same as irrationality, I suppose, in the broad scheme of things. But of course, that's an imprecise statement. More so if you are a mathematician - then again, many mathematicians might disagree with my use of language.

Ah, Sundays.

Reading RFCs on a Sunday... ah, well... http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2616#section-2.2

Bored. Standing by for havoc in a few months. Focusing on the things that matter. Studies.

If I ever make money, one day, I'll pay people to fix broken things, like Malaysia. But my own time is for more abstract problems.

Experimenting with a sort of nestable dynamic map in #haskell... [Text,(ByteString,Char)] ... #probablyABadIdea

Good study progress on Sunday. Sleep. Meeting in a few hours.

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