Mondaze again

Monday. Parked in TTDI till late. Will be in Singapore for a coffee expo later this wek. So working on unpaid software research meanwhile.

Ice: the difference between a shot of tar, and a complex, cooling drink. I'm almost certain this is considered weird.

Tidying up some code formatting, before I try to improve its semantics.

Broke (haskell-platform). Re-apt-get-ting.

(Coffeeshop visitors: what a beautiful family. Hope they don't piss that kid off, as the years go by.)

Stabilised code. Discovered -XCPP changes the syntax of multiline text literals.

Need a break. Going for a walk.

Now for some mundane bean counting... structuring an employee stock options scheme. The basic idea, is to model investors' targeted return on capital, to treat employees as asset managers, and to structure stock grants as an outperformance bonus. Wondering if my math would be better if I hadn't been fiddling with compiler language extensions all day. -_- Ok. This ESOS thing was hard, but I think my numbers balance out. Now I feel like a proper amateur investment banker. :-S

What to do on a Tuesday. More code, perhaps.

I should make some curtains.

If I keep plugging away at this... every datum in my configuration file is going to become a type... -_- #haskell

Is it just me, or are companies with full-caps proper names a bit of a Chinaman phenomenon?

Ack. Finally exorcised all POSIX regex usage from my code... not sure if it's faster, but it's cleaner.

Revising older parts of this application-in-progress, to figure out how they work.

I prefer I stressing out over my hobbies, and seeking relaxation at the work place.

Headache. Too much mucking around with dirty code. Break time.

Mostly, specialists strike me as bimbotic herdlings. But, I'm sure I seem quite irrelevant to them, too... Rage against the bimbotic recreators.

Steak saute.

Lifting a few hundred lines of very flat code into an encapsulating module structure. This is going to take a while.

What depresses me is the motivation that many have for their work. People? Good grief.

Ok. Stabilised version 2. Time to build write version 3 from scratch.

It's been a hellish fortnight for Haskell studies. But a number of useful techniques were picked up. Road trip to SG for coffee tomorrow.

Ran for oxygen... fruit... black tea... wondering if I can muster an effort to kick off v3 of this Haskell web framework...

(I must be the only one around here that's happy for tax day. It makes me feel more a part of society. heh.)

Pen, and paper.

Let's go for a minimal modification of HTTP semantics now, shall we...

Let me try and un-CakePHP-fy my paradigms, and reduce the ontology some more. Rather than having a two-tiered encapsulation of Controllers and Actions, I'm now thinking of just having Controllers, but branched, within a folder structure, since that's how my Haskell compiler goes about looking for modules, by name, any how.

Conflicted. Tempted to bite off more than I can chew.

After poking at it for a little while, I have concluded that I don't have the head space to juggle web app compiler design, and two fieldtrips on two separate topics in the next three days. :(

Nap. Had some time to think about how to optimise version 2. Laundry, and coding, and defrosting of fish for breakfast.

It's Wednesday already. 5am. Time to wash up and head south for field trips. But, I am not done. Careful stitching. And done. For now. 0517 hours.

Thinking about what it'd be like to be a blind computer programmer. a) less productive b) aural interface c) change style

C) change style would involve a higher ratio of thinking:typing. Something I should probably do anyway!

In Johor Bahru - getting down to work...

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