6am up, 6:30am first jam, 110 minutes between bed and breakfast. Brilliant. Next time we wake at 5:30am to benchmark. In Bangsar now.

8:30am crowd at Bangsar McDonalds is very well behaved. Quiet and meditative. It's like a packed library.

What a difference ten minutes makes. It's all loud and chatty now.

And then it's all quiet again.

9am meeting. Everytime I sit down and tell a foreigner what I know about Malaysia, I depress myself. What little I know.

10pm. Done with a day of exploring incorporation, and locations. Lock key, load gas, hit the highway, time to go home to code.

Someone wants to invest 100-300k in Malaysia. What asset class, they ask?
I wiped out 80k on a trading experiment over the past 6 months. (I only gamble with what I can afford to lose, and the gamble was really to figure out how many things I could do at once without losing track of them.) I don't actually know what's fundamentally sound or not on the KLSE, right now, as I haven't been keeping track.

So, are you feelin, lucky? ^_- This conversation doesn't end here, of course...
Why are hipsters everywhere?
Trends fall. Others take their place. The shadows never break - hipsters are the shadows.
0228 hours. Tired. But it's the perfect time to get back to my own work.
0237 hours. Too late to make much progress. Bed time. No early mornings tomorrow. Whee.

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