More meetings.

Lotsa work to do. Catching a breather and being social, before jumping back in.

Fuck all this businessy stuff. It's Saturday. I'm gonna work on software!!

Years and years of hanging out in shopping malls, and the utterly mundane becomes a sport. #todaysVPLscore

Going home to sleep. Will try to avoid wage work till Monday. I.e. attempt what sense of normalcy avails itself to me.

I guess if you're not trained to think about death and dismemberment daily, then the thought thereof can be rather surprising when it hits you. :)

Shower and fruit. Laundry and code.

Should prolly log out of FB when I'm not at work - getting bombarded with Chinglish coffee Qs while I'm trying to think in Haskell. lol

Just couldn't stay away from work on a Saturday night. :) Updating top potential partners on our rapid advance.

As it gets rough, you figure out what matters most, and toss all else away. Family. Money. Bitches. For now, it's just math.

Trying to figure out another regex problem. Looking forward to growing old and useless. :P

Grilling fish at 2am. Whee. First meat of the day, I think. And my Haskell interpolation compiler seems to be working.

Got development of Doof past another psychologically important milestone... a complete proof of concept, from raw scripts, to assembled scripts, to interpolated variables in HTML, to served webpages.

Bed time. But first, more tea.

Going to read some customer service literature, then hit the sack, for real.

1345 hours.

A bit disappointed to see an automatic coffee maker in a top baker's patisserie... all this training is getting to my head!

Ok. Enough ditzing around on social media and reading about regular expressions. Time to feed, wash, and get on with non-wage work.

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