Seeking routine

Up. Reading for coffee. Coding for fun. Standing by for emergencies.

Lunch. Weak coffee. Reading up on Malaysia's limited liability partnerships.

Reading the definition of #tort.

#act743 #myllp so how exactly does one certify an electronic true-copy?

What are a Hindu Joint family's privileges, by Malaysian law? Income Tax Act refers to it - looks interesting.

It's been fun doing technical reading on tax provisions and minimisation, but I think we need to focus on ops until we turn a profit :P

Today's charity mission reported back - everyone's been giving them the evil eye. LOL. What a town. What, a, town.

Mein Haar #manicBiographies

Dusk. What now? Groceries? Exercise?

A little upper-body work-out. Shower. Coffee. Maybe some coding now.

This Klang-roasted 50% GRAIN "coffee", brewed ~30 seconds, cloth sieved... tastes like smokey toast, with a lovely acidity. Perverse?

New cultures are created not arbitrarily, but in order to reframe human limitations. Coffee is just a special case of gustation.

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