Switching regex engines

Here's the plan. Fix module linkage, and new regex usage, then grab brunch.

Headache. Maybe I need to eat. But on perhaps unhealthy point of discipline, I'm going to break only when the new regex engine is in.

Caving in - not eating out yet - but frying eggs.

Suspect food poisoning from watermelon. More fruit. Nap.

Turned out to be just a bit of lying down. Then some exercise to ensure musculoskeletal factors were not too much too blame for nervous aggravation. Bench presses. A short hang on pull-up bar.

Type signatures and RegexLike.

Learning about functional dependency syntax in class definitions. WTF. Talk about nerds - they wrote a user-level convenience like regular expressions, using "advanced type classes", and didn't bother to write an entry-level API. Granted, it just reminds us that the platform retains some immaturity for (inability to speak down to) the larger set of users.

Another apple. Maybe, another nap.

Finally going downstairs for a proper meal, before I keel over.

I wish I was smarter with semantics, and dumber with people.

Feeling like shit. Not sure if sick, or tired, or just stupid.

Went for a short run, for circulation.

Got the day off, to work on code. Woot. As they say.

Found something useful. The RegexLike module. !@#$%^&*(

(Meanwhile... Thousands to Sulu. Woohoo.)

Depressed, by the amount of work that remains undone.

Had a look at the pcre-light package's documentation - its limitations do not look promising, but perhaps I am missing the point.

After reading the first few lines of an article on Thompson NFAs, I'm looking into the regex-tdfa package. POSIX, but with GNU extensions. We're going hipster now.

After about three days of fucking around with this, I give up. I simply don't feel that I have the emotional energy to continue to pursue this, given the limitations on my time. I will just still to the stock Text.Regex for now. Which is technically fine, since I'm only using regex for meta-programming at this stage.

Last ditch for now - IRC. I should probably use this earlier in my research cycles.

Maybe it's time I retreated to JavaScript FWIW. LOL

Had a good day off, dwelling on the painful limit of my ability to comprehend strange languages. Back to hacking that coffee shop.

Tempted to just reinstall the good old LAMP server and use CakePHP again. Hehe. Maybe I should.

Wondering again what will happen to GHC after SPJ.

Post supper of fish, and orange, washed down with tea, I am forking regex development to another folder, and giving it a higher priority than Doof development. Let's see if this is feasible as a project to learn how to properly use Cabal, etc.

So much work to be done. In different modes. This mind must meditate slowly to transform, between roles.

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