Waiting out the traffic. Poking at Doof in Haskell. (Maybe I should just call it Haskell on Hooch/Hos.)

Godamnit, this Haskell noob forgot the syntax for exporting data constructors.

Death by politique. Don't pretend it don't happen.

11pm. Jam on federal highway. #tooEarlyDamn

TIL acrid coffee is like acrid wine. Chill to 6C and you solve half the problem. Same goes for bad people too, I guess :p

Home <3 home. Had a great month. Just need to replicate 119 times, and I'll have a great decade.

Maybe by the end of this month I'll actually get Template Haskell.

Oh geez, I actually got the hello-world to work.

0358 hours. Some functional regex coding later... it's bedtime. (Play.) Got a lunch meeting tomorrow. (Work.)

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