(As someone who always saw being a waiter as a go-to job for life.)

As far as I can tell, the customer is king, but you have the right to remove your kings. If you're an artisanal-non-customer-service-oriented production house, then put a sign up, or something. That being said, one should stick with what they say in public, and so since LDG has gone the full monty (bitches and all), I applaud them for having their own view on things, and hope that their food is good for their sake. Otherwise it seems likely that they will expire by natural causes, as a consequence of their actions. :(

First thing in the morning, and we're essaying customer service. See? Good PR for the pawn that decided to walk in front.

My take away from all of this, is that I do have time for bitches. In fact, I think a t-shirt to that effect would be darling.

Some cannot escape from their tastes. Others cannot escape from such people.

A week of uncertain outcomes. Let's begin by cleaning house and doing laundry. But first, to feed.

When your ardent fans are those whose opinions I don't trust... hmm...

Yesterday: No, no, no... I'm not the realist on this team... there are no realists here... I'm just the minimalist...

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