35 / 3560 days. Hopefully I can make a good life of this F&B thing. Did a fuckload of digging around the Kuklewicz regex data structures before the game. Feeling moderately productive. Off to game.

(Gap year? Jerng doesn't do gap years. Jerng does gap decades.)

Someone got delayed because a friend was robbed at knifepoint by a cabbie. Robbery fact (not just the subset of which is rape): if you look like a target, the world is more likely to take you. Sorry.

Still managing to maintain my social intelligence. Let's hope that maintenance costs never rise above a minimal level.

Let's see how much study I can get done before the sun rises. Then sleep. Then cleaning the flat.

People work most within the category by which they most easily define themselves: towards material, social, cognitive, or other goods.

And with that, I'm off to bed. Till the morrow.

Awake. Going downstairs to eat. Back to clean house. Then, groceries, perhaps. Or code.

House is cleaner, and I am happier.

Deciding to avoid non-premium work in programming has been a good decision. Working on sensual jobs brings some balance to my life. The last things I need interfering with my technical research projects are sensual noise and human relationships. But having those as part of my day job makes me feel more like a member of society.

When times are slow, I sometimes wish I'd picked an easier life. Hehe.

2117 hours. A bit late for groceries. Nevertheless, a caffeineless day, so far.

Best decision implemented over the last few years: finally cutting off the nuclear family. Other decisions, not so much...

Not a bad week. Moved JV-proceedings along, at day job; figured out Kuklewicz's Haskell regex APIs, at home; cleaned house; bed; up soon for incorporation.

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