Who Sets your Standards?

As long as you believe in your taste, you have a very clear target to follow. Hitting it is a matter of time.

Some people have tastes for fashion, and architecture; I personally care more about thought processes - thought is a concrete process, to me. I do find, of course, that people are often annoyed when you propose to delineate what they have accepted as their "unique," identities, or selves. In turn I'm miffed when folks don't as easily see: themselves as compositions of concrete cultural bits, or that culture itself is concrete. But we are all concerned with different problems. I picked a hard problem and solved it in college. Haven't found a harder one since. So I spend most of my time refining what has already been done, and learning how to communicate it.

Maybe that's why I have an empathic affinity for startup ideators. My own work is almost always more esoteric. They ain't see crazy yet.

Bah: and then you have these commercially-aspirant artsy types, who know what they want, and won't believe that it's not what other people want - these then, are the truly confused. I have known lots of people who made things that no one wanted. That is a different problem from not knowing what you want to make.

Outside of intellectual history, I've probably spent most manhours of my life working on web development. To think, it's just a job :)

Half a day left to work... come on... fuck you brain, WORK!!!

Noticed a last-minute-grand-deadline for a stage script. Sorely tempted. But the only quality proposal I would be able to churn out in a day, would be autobiographical. Wouldn't that be a lark.

Job done! To bed! Maybe I'll apply for a stage-writing grant tomorrow. Big if.

Kill off many variables, and life is so much simpler. Family, friends, boring ambitions, delete, delete, delete... ah! Being heartless requires much discipline. Unless you're naturally a stoner/stoic. Guess, if I am...

My prioritisation of projects in life is simple: top priority goes to projects where I'm the only person that I know who can deliver.

I guess it's what a certain narrative of upbringing does to you. Hehe.

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