Hmm. Too much protein in blood to sleep. Back to coding. This lack of routine is killing me :P so much for a nice quiet job in F&B.

Six more months before we get over this quandrennial nationalist bluster. #bubarlah #tolongjanganbisinglagi

Sometimes, I wonder where I'd be if I cared more about having bitches, cars, and drugs, than about mastering information science. TBH, I don't really care for subject mastery - it'd just amuse me to make it obvious to everyone else, that minds are simple fuckers.

Jammed Bson into #Hell... probably going to use it everywhere. Dirrrty. Coffee in TTDI.

Restaurant design: Malaysians definitely bred to be xenophobes. So you have to spoonfeed them with familiarity, or risk being ignored. ID can be cheap, or pricey, but must be familiar.

Met with two suppliers, two capitalists, a regulator, and a future partner. Not bad for a down day.

Did the math a few days ago - I'm like three cafes away from actually making a decent living out of this :P

Cleaned up some code. #Haskell on #Hell is turning into a little DSL already. #bson "prelude to hell" haha. Time to focus on incorporation for 1-2 weeks.

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