Data, Data, Data...

Not quite four years of study as a "serious" computer programmer... I wonder how long I will pursue this for.

If I live to be old, there's a strong chance I'll regret my youth. Either way, one gets on with it.

Never too sure if it's preferable to empathise with people who have mediocre targets, or to avoid them.

Doing some code review. Considering Twitter Bootstrap for Hell.

Ok. Slightly productive. Off to bed.

Awake. Must feed. Stay alive etc. Kinda regretting not having scheduled myself out of the country during the campaigning period.

Calibrating my cognition. Not enough somatic data. Going to exercise to get some. Then hopefully a careful, crafty, day at the cafe.

Jasmine rice and murky curry. Tastes like Asia to me.

Taking a sick nap in the sick little car. Come on outrageous fortune, it's either you or me...

Most people fear being naked, so much so that they don't know a naked person when they see one.

I think the !@%^& ciggy ash has set my nose running again...

Sniffling into a tissue over a keyboard, coffee, and code. Perhaps, I could be weeping over the sum of human stupidity.

Back to debugging code...

Zombie cookie. Argh.

Started using web developer cookie management tools - feeling a little more grown up now...

... just tripped into arbitrary-rank polymorphism. Siggggggggggh.

Aaaaannnd... AAPL is 10% up from it's recent trough. I miss trading :)

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